Glass Solution

Glass Solution

Glass Solutions are most typically used as transparent glazing material in the building envelope, including windows, doors or in the external walls.

They have become an element that can add grandeur to your home décor or business building. Glass solutions are great way to augment the beauty of your home. Our glass solution segment dealing in the premium door and window solutions. Our expertise is not just confined to an extensive suite of products but also in the end-to-end solutions we offer.

Glass Door

Glass door depicts an appealing look by allowing light to pass through. They allow you to enjoy the natural sunlight and eliminate the use of artificial light. This not only lowers the cost of the electricity bill but also works as an alternative to go green and enjoy the goodness of nature via sunlight. Using a glass door as an interior door makes the home look more spacious and bright. There are different types of glass doors includes frameless glass doors, fixed base glass doors, hinged glass doors, sliding glass doors, and folding glass doors.

Window Glass

You will find here durable window as well as bi-folding, sliding and French models. Ensuring that the glass thickness is sufficient to take the applied load is one of the very critical aspects when it comes to designing the building and selecting materials for your façade/ Window. But most of the times, this involves a lot of graphs, tables, charts, equations, which are there in the design standards.